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Son, the agency operator, is truly a marvel. I am a 47-year-old man that has seen a good bit of the world and in my own country, The United States, I’ve learned my share about the value of world-class hospitality. Son is the personification of hospitality. To be very truthful, I believe he summons his uncompromising brand of kindness, honesty and deference from a life lived climbing up and out. He has an enormous heart and humility that I just don’t see day-to-day. As a person providing a hospitality service, amid a market place with tons of alternatives to choose among, Son is an anomaly of extraordinary service delivery. He handled everything. Even getting me even up on time, downstairs to meet him, and then to be then hand-delivered to the bus operators was, for reasons I cannot explain, in Son’s mind, his responsibility. 

He hugged me when I left and didn’t let go for a couple of seconds. This man, and by extension, Hanoi Travel clearly is convinced that treating you as family is the only available option. Son even handed me a gift meant for my 14-year-old son that Son insisted I leave wrapped until I get home.

Details and Logistics:

Son ensured his tour partners, bus operators and other aligning vendors, made me happy at every turn. He eould take it personally if I didn’t, for instance, enjoy the weather. He contacted me at least once daily to ensure I was fulfilled and completely satisfied with the day’s goings on. He and I had a lovely street food dinner in the Old Quarter with some spare time he carved out to dine with his customer and asked me to met him know when I returned safely to New Jersey.

Hire Hanoi Travel. There’s no chance you’re let down.

In a world where hospitality is evolving by access to technology, that leaves too often things feeling cold and impersonal, hiring Hanoi Travel and Son is, as it ended up, a defiant act if you’re one that still believes the world is what one makes it. And so long as Son is in command of your Vietnam visit, the world is your oyster.