• Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills
  • French village on the top of the mountain
  • Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden
  • Enjoy Fantasy Park in Ba Na Hills Tour
  • Linh Ưng Pagoda
  • Cable Car System
  • Golden Bridge Hand
  • Sun World Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills Tour One Day For Best Price

Highlight: Ba Na Hills Tour One Day
             + Deluxe tour with small group

             + Flexible Pick up in Da Nang & Hoi An

              +Have buffet lunch over 100 dishes

             +Take most modern Cable Car in the world 

             + visit Golden Bridge & French Village 

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Itinerary: Ba Na Hills Tour One Day

Golden Bridge Hand

                      Golden Bridge Hand

7.30 – 8.30: Our luxury bus & tour guide pick you up at hotel in Hoi An ( 7.30 – 8.00) and Da Nang ( 8.00 – 8.30 ) depart for Ba Na Hills

9.00: After about 30 minutes by bus, guide will take you to Ba Na cable car station

9.15: Spend your time on Southeast Asia’s most modern Cable Car, in the first place that will be a golden bridge one of the 10 most special bridges in the world.

10.00: Then take Climbing Train to visit the top of the mountain& further explore Le Jardin D’Amour (consists of 9 gardens), Debay Wine Cellar (old wineries) & Ling Ung Pagoda,…

11.00: Continue the 2nd Cable Car to visit the French Village experience Paris in Vietnam (enjoy Street Music, watch Art’s statue), Campanile, Nine Floor Goddess Shrine, Tombstone Temple, Linh Phong Monastery & Tru Vu Tea Shop

Also watch Carnival Performance Show, Square Du Dome …

Challenge the most popular adventure ride – Slide of Tube Car (free ride)

12.30: Have buffet lunch at the restaurant with over 100 different dishes.

Sun World Ba Na Hills

                    Sun World Ba Na Hills

13.30 : Free time Join in Fantasy Park with Walking in Fairy Forest, discover Dinosaur Park, play 5D wild west, enjoy 4D death race ride, watch 3D mega 360 degree, ride on Journey into the underground, enter Jurassic Park, challenge Free fall Tower and participate in adventure in Horror House and over 90 free games.

15.00: Return to the Cable Car for leaving Ba Na Hills

16.45 – 17.45: Our bus pick you back to your hotel. Tour ends.

PRICE : 60 USD ( Pick up at Da Nang )

                65 USD ( Pick up at Hoi An )


  • Transportation & English speaking tour guide.
  • Cable cars  2 ways 
  • entrance fees in the Fantasy Park & Alpine Coaster.
  • Le Jardin D’amour, Debay Wine Cellar fee.
  • Lunch with buffet at restaurant
  • Mineral water: 500ml/pax.


  • Personal expenses
  • Services not mentioned above
  • Tip for tour guide and driver
  • Tax VAT 10 %

I. Information For Ba Na Hills Tour

  1.Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is one of the most “hot” attractions today, famous not only in Vietnam but all over the world! Located in the middle of the majestic mountain forest is a unique architecture with the image of two giant gods’ hands supporting the bridge, creating an extremely impressive scenery. The Golden Bridge 150m long at 1,414m above sea level is completed and used from June 2018, so it quickly became a beautiful check-in point, attracting tourists all over the world. Golden Bridge has been widely recognized in Vietnam and international newspapers such as CNN, BBC, The New York Times, Time, FoxNews, The Guardian, Archdaily … praised. On August 23, 2018, Golden Bridge reached the top 100 most wonderful destinations in the world for TIME magazine voted.

  2.French village

French Village is also one of the attractions in Ba Na Hills with romantic cobblestone streets and ancient architecture based on the ancient features of Paris city, the French village is located at the mountain peak with the area of 45,300m. divided into 7 different areas, the French village not only possesses beautiful scenery but also cool and pleasant weather, giving you relaxation. At night, the cold air will cover the entire resort, giving you the feeling of weathering Europe. For a full experience of interesting moments in the French village, you should choose to stay overnight at the resort.

French village on the top of the mountain

French village on the top of the mountain


3.Le Jardin D’Amour

Besides that, you should also visit Le Jardin D’Amour with 9 beautiful romantic flower gardens. There are countless colorful flowers such as violets, Aparang flowers in Mo Stream Garden, Eden Garden, … Opened in April 2014, L’Jardin d ‘Amour Flower Garden has a total appearance. 8206m2 area is designed based on the unique style of European flower gardens

Immerse yourself in the world of enchantment in the Secret Garden and try wine in the old Debay cellar more than 100 years old. Do not forget to bring with you the camera to enjoy the beautiful check-in photos!

Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden

Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden


4.Fantasy Park

As a unique indoor entertainment area of Ba Na Hills, Fantasy Park is a great place to play with the whole family. Designed on the inspiration of two novels “Journey to the center of the earth” and “Twenty thousand miles under the sea” by French writer Jules Verne, Fantasy Park is an indoor entertainment area of 21,000m2. with 3-storey design including more than 100 games

Typical games: The first dinosaur park in Vietnam has all kinds of dinosaurs from the Jurassic period to the modern period, there are also have Falling tower and the highest free-rotation in Vietnam 29m, 3 cinemas of technology film: 3D 360, 4D, 5D, electric car crashed indoors, indoor climbing with 21m high cliffs, high speed double  slider double helix …

Enjoy Fantasy Park in Ba Na Hills Tour

Enjoy Fantasy Park in Ba Na Hills Tour

5.Linh Ung Pagoda

Although influenced by French architecture, you can still find local traditional beauty here. Linh Ung Pagoda – Ba Na is one of 3 Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang, and is also the highest temple with an altitude of about 1487m above sea level.

One of the features here is the 27-meter white Sakyamuni Buddha. In addition, the temple is also a convenient place to see the whole French village surrounded by forests.

Located on the highest peak of Ba Na, at 1487m, Linh Temple (also known as Model Thuong Ngan or Lam Cung St.) is a place to worship the holy Lady of the whole Ba Na mountain. The main hall has quite detailed sculpted dragon heads. The temple was restored in 2011. Both the 26 corners of the roof and the head of the hexagonal house

Linh Ưng Pagoda

Linh Ưng Pagoda

6. Cable Car System

  • Suoi Mo cable car

Starting operation from March 25, 2009 ,the first cable car system named Suoi Mo – Ba Na. The entire cable car route has 22 pillars with 96 cabins. Moreover, Suoi Mo- Ba Na cable car has set a record of the longest cable car in the world: 5042m

  • De Bay – Morin cable car

Debay Cable Car Line – Opened in July 2009 with a length of only 690m, including 17 cabins. In addition.Morin is the shortest cable car in the cable car system in Ba Na Hills.

  • Hair Fairy waterfall – L ’INDOCHINE cable car 

This is the cable No. 3 in Ba Na opened on March 29, 2013 The entire cable route has 25 pillars and 86 cabins, accommodating 10 people / cabin. Cable route also was awarded by Guinness World Records 4 world records, including: The longest cable car route is 5,801 meters; The cable car route has the highest difference between the train station and the highest arrival station in the world . However, it still gives you a sense of security…

  • Hoi An – MASEILLE cable car

Hoi An – Marseille cable car route, also known as the No. 4 cable car line, was put into operation in April 2017. This is one of the most modern cable car systems in the world with speeds of up to 7m / s, including 23 pillars and 144 cabins. The length of cable system 4 is 5,261m,

  • BORDEAUX – LOUVRE cable car

Finally, the Bordeaux – Louvre cable car route is also called the 5th cable car line, was put into operation with the cable car No. 4, in April 2017, has a length of 672m, with 4 pillars and 47 cabins.

II. Some questions for the tour

1.Can I join the Ba Na Hills Tour  if we are in Hoi An?

We can absolutely pick you up at hotels in center of Hoi An ancient town but if you are outside the Old Town  please contact us for assistance or you can refer on the website hanoigreentravel.com 
Note: besides if you are in the old town we will pick you up early from 7.30 – 8.00am

2.How do I get to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An?

About 57 km from Hoi An old town, there are 4 ways you can choose

Bus: visitors can catch a bus from Hoi An to Da Nang, then from Da Nang, take a bus to Ba Na.

– Taxi: Take a taxi from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. This medium is quite expensive but if conditions permit visitors can choose because both convenient and stronger. Price is about 25-30 USD / Way

– Tourist car: you can also choose our tour car will pick you up and pay you at the hotel

– Motorcycles: but if you like the feeling of freedom, comfort and savings. You can rent a motorbike from Hoi An and go to Ba Na yourself.

3.How much time is spent in Ba Na Hills Tour ?

Do you spend a day to experience the full range of activities here, but if you have the conditions and enjoy a vacation you can sleep a night on the top of the mountain is also great

4.How long is Ba Na hills to the Airport?

From Ba Na to Da Nang International Airport is 40km and it takes you about 1 hour to travel . But it may be longer depending on your choice . However, we recommend using a taxi or private car to ensure time because public vehicles usually take a lot of time.

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