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Bus Hanoi to Ba Be Lake

Highlight : Bus Hanoi to Ba Be Lake

          + About 220 km from Hanoi, about 6 hours by bus

          + English speaking guide 

          + Mineral water on the bus

          + Pick up / drop at your hotel

          + Luxury furniture, comfortable, modern

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Overview Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake

                              Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake in Ba Be district, Bac Kan province 220km from Hanoi. Lake on the limestone mountain of Ba Be National Park is a combination of mountains and rivers with biodiversity. Lake is recognized as one of 20 special freshwater lakes of the world that need protection

Ba Be Lake lies in the middle of the vast limestone mountain range of Ba Be National Park with large and small islands of limestone rising out of the water, many of which can be explored as you kayak around. There are also several caves to find, with beautiful rock formations that have developed over millions of years. Of those, a good example is Puong Cave, through which the Nang river runs under its magnificent limestone structures. It is 30 meters wide, and 300 meters deep with thousands of stalactite and stalagmite structures and a bat colony numbering tens of thousands. Its picturesque entrance lies to the north east of Ba Be Lake, in the hillside of the Lung Nham Range.

With further exploration of Ba Be National Park, tourists will also begin to discover some of the villages in the region. This is best done by joining one of many trekking tours which can be arranged, as they include a guide that will introduce you to the people of the various ethnic communities that are resident here.

Enjoy Kayaking in Ba Be Lake

             Enjoy Kayaking in Ba Be Lake

Bo Lu Village is a great example, and by visiting the village, tourists have a chance not only to admire old stilt houses but also to learn more about culture and daily life of Tay people.


Bus Hanoi To Ba Be Lake – Hanoi Green Travel

  • Hanoi Green Travel provides a bus ticket service for you to Ba Be Lake with a staff of professional service and high quality car to bring the most comfortable for you.
  • Our English-speaking guide will pick you up by taxi at a place in the Hanoi old quarter to help you get to the bus station.
  • Hanoi Green Travel will not charge you if you change departure date, as long as we are informed 24 hours in advance by confirmation to you. Here is all information of our bus that you need to know.
  • You only have to pay us when you got in the car, you can book tickets with us at website: hanoigreentravel.com or email:bookinghanoitravel@gmail.com

Bus Hanoi to Ba Be lake                Shuttle bus to Ba Be                 Local Bus to Ba Be

1.Bus Hanoi – Ba Be Lake 

Departure time  Arrive time Price
 8.00 am  14.30  20 USD
13.00 19.30

  Our driver pick up at your hotel in the Hanoi Old Quarter by mini bus or Taxi transfer to seating bus 30 minutes before departure time

   Departure from Hanoi to Ba Be Lake so you only need about 6 hours to get to Ba Be Lake

  After 3 hours have a short break on the half way 

Continue 3 hours more the bus arrive Ba Ba town 

    Finally the bus will drop you at your hotel in Ba Be Lake .

2. Bus Ba Be Lake – Hanoi

Departure time  Arrive time Price
 11.00 am  17.00  20 USD
15.30  22.00
  • Clean and modern seating bus
  • Pick you up from Hanoi old quarter to the bus station
  • bottle of mineral water 1l/person
  • English speaking guide
  • Tip for guide
  • Insurance, meals , drinks
  • Person expense

 Travel Guide in Ba Be

1. Puong Cave

Is the most beautiful and worth seeing in Ba Be Lake. The cave has a length of 300 m, higher than 30 m. High rise and boat can move in, the stalactites in the cave create a lot of interesting shapes, attractive visitors. In addition, there are dozens of thousands of bats living and living in the cave.

Puong Cave

 Puong Cave

2. Dau Dang Waterfall

The Nang River is blocked by hundreds of large rocks that have to split into many small streams, the water flowing to form a majestic Dau Dang. The waterfall is more than 1,000 m long with three steps, each with a difference of 3 to 4 m in length, creating a wild and romantic image for Ba Be.

Dau Dang Waterfall

 Dau Dang Waterfall

3. Hua Ma Cave

Also known as “Hang Tre,” is located about 10km south of Ba Be National Park. This is a large cave with attractive beauty, bring in the heart of the mysterious past.

Hua Ma Cave

Hua Ma Cave

4. Fairy Pond

From Ba Be lake about 100m walk to Fairy pond. Above 3.000m2 wide, surrounded by limestone mountains and primitive forest, cool blue water pond. Fairy Pond has many kinds of fish such as glass carp, tilapia, fried fish … To Tien Ao visitors also watch the footprints on the rock and hear the legendary story about hunters and seven fairies.

Fairy Pond

Fairy Pond

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