• Sleeping Bus Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall
  • Ban Gioc Waterfall
  • Pac Bo Relics
  • Nguom Ngao Cave
  • Thang Hen Lake

Bus Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall

Highlights : Bus Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall

          + About 386 km from Hanoi about 10 hours by bus

          + English speaking guide

          + 2 rest stops along the way

          + Luxury furniture, comfortable, modern

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Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall

                        Ban Gioc Waterfall

Cao Bang is a province, located in the North – East of Vietnam. The distance from Hanoi to Cao Bang is about 286 km which takes you about 8 hours riding with amazing mountain view on it’s way.

Nowadays Cao Bang with Ban Gioc waterfall is becoming a highlight tourist place in Vietnam which attracts many travelers from all over the world. Cao Bang is an amazing place in the North – East of Vietnam. It has wonderful mountain, terraces view as well as rich culture of Ethnic people (Tay, H’Mong, Dzao…). This is a must – see place for those who like to be in an touristic place.Bringing the beauty of the majestic nature, the paradise of Ban Gioc can charm anyone who has ever heard of it. To mention Ban Gioc is one of the most beautiful and beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam, not only that it is ranked in the top beautiful waterfall paradise in the world. A trip to Ban Gioc waterfall will give you an exciting and fresh experience. The distance from Hanoi to Ban Gioc is 386 km.

Bus Hanoi To Ban Gioc Waterfall

  • Hanoi Green Travel provides a bus ticket service for you to Cao Bang and Ban Gioc Waterfall with a staff of professional service and high quality bus to bring the most comfortable for you.
  • Our English-speaking guide will pick you up at a your hotel in the Hanoi old quarter to help you get to the bus station.
  • Hanoi Green Travel will not charge you if you change departure date, as long as we are informed 24 hours in advance by confirmation to you. Here is all information of our bus that you need to know.
  • You only have to pay us when you got in the bus, you can book tickets with us at website: hanoigreentravel.com or email: bookinghanoitravel@gmail.com

Sleeping Bus Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall                  Sleeping Bus                   Shuttle bus to Ba Be

1. Bus Hanoi – Ban Gioc Waterfall

Departure time  Arrive time Price
 20.00  9.00am 25 USD


  19.00 :  Our guide pick up at your hotel in the Hanoi Old Quarter by mini bus or walking transfer to sleeping bus

  20.00 :  Departure to Ban Gioc Waterfall the distance from Hanoi to Sapa is 386 km by expressway, so you need about 10 hours to get to Ban Gioc Waterfall

   21.15: Have a rest-stop at Km57 for 30 minutes, here you can go to toilet also 

   2.30: Stop within 15 minutes at Km317 for the second rest-stop

   4.00: Arrival Cao Bang bus station sleep on the bus until 6.00 am

  7.00: Take the mini bus from Cao Bang city to Ban Gioc Waterfall

2. Bus Ban Gioc Waterfall – Hanoi 

Departure time  Arrive time Price
14.00 4.00 am 25 USD


  13.30 :Our guide pick up at your hotel in Ban Gioc center before 30 minutes when the bus starts

   14.00: Departure back to Cao Bang city the distance from Ban Gioc to Cao Bang city is 80 km by mini bus, so you need about 2 hours

20.00 : Departure back to Hanoi the distance from  Cao Bang city to Hanoi is 300 km by sleeping bus, so you need about 8 hours

   Have a rest-stop at Km317 for 30 minutes, here you can go to toilet also 

   Stop within 15 minutes at Km57 for the second rest-stop

    Arrival Hanoi – stop at My Dinh bus station

*Ticket Included
  • Clean and modern sleeping bus
  • Pick you up from Hanoi old quarter to the bus station
  • Bottle of mineral water 1l/person
  • English speaking guide
  • Free WIFI access
*Ticket Excluded
  • Tip for guide
  • Insurance, meals , drinks
  • Person expense

Tourist Information

1.Pac Bo Relics

An attractive tourist attraction in Cao Bang province, 55 km north of Cao Bang. Pac Bo is a famous revolutionary vestige, where President Ho Chi Minh worked and directly led the Vietnamese revolution

Pac Bo Cave is a cave located in a large mountain range, in front of the cave has a small stream that Uncle named Lenin stream. Hang Pac Cave appears on rocky slopes. Standing outside the cave looking down, on the cliff of the twilight can see the words of him: “February 8, 1941.” It was the day Uncle came to this cave, a small, humid and cold cave, deep in the canyon, barely noticeable. Lenin stream is a clear stream, sometimes green clouds and mountains, gentle and deep.

Pac Bo Relics

Pac Bo Relics

2. Nguom Ngao Cave

Nguom Ngao Cave is about 3km away from Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao has a total length of 2144m with 3 main doors: Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom and Ban Thon. Visitors can imagine a lot of different images. In the cave there is a small stream flowing murmuring nature is becoming more fanciful.

Nguom Ngao Cave

Nguom Ngao Cave

3.Thang Hen Lake

Thang Hen Lake is a freshwater lake in Cao Bang province, 30km from Cao Bang. The name of the lake in the Tay language is “bee tail”, because from above, the lake looks like a bee’s tail. Not only by the beautiful natural scenery, Thang Hen Lake also attracts tourists by folklore associated

Thang Hen Lake

Thang Hen Lake


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